Engineering Consultancy Projects:

Bauxite Receiving Stations

Bauxite Receiving StationTech-A Ltd was retained to design the Bauxite receiving stations for two new mines in Jamaica.

The two systems included grizzlies, hoppers, apron feeders, scalping equipment, troughed belt conveyors, radial stacker, chutes, support structure and buildings.

In addition to the design of the materials handling equipment the contract encompassed the overall mine site layouts, earthwork calculations and structural design calculations.

Upgrade review of the Worlds Longest Conveyor System

Tech-A Ltd carried out a technical review of the world’s longest overland conveyors at the Worsley Bauxite Mine in Western Australia.

The project involved detailed calculations and analysis of the 30km & 20km conveyor systems operating at its current 2800 mtph and projected 3200 mtph.

the worlds longest conveyor system

Copper Ore conveyor System

Tech-A Ltd was responsible for the system design and the preparation of engineering drawings for troughed belt conveyor systems to transport copper ore from a primary crusher to a stockpile and from the reclaim tunnel into the processing plant.

The 2500 mtph stockpile feed system included a 1200m long inclined overland conveyor powered by three 750 kW motors elevating the material 200m.

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copper ore conveyor
Regenerative Copper Ore transportation system 

Tech-A Ltd had Engineering responsibility for the design of a complex multi-flight regenerative conveyor system to transport copper ore from a mine to a processing plant in Asia.

Total length of the 4 flight system is 960 m, falling 200 m from primary crusher to stockpile.
Carrying 2500 & 5000 mtph of primary crusher copper ore on 1600 mm wide troughed belts. Electric motors with a total installed power of 2350 kW would regenerate up to 1500 kW when fully loaded.

The image shown is an extract from an animated model created to demonstrate the proposed mine, conveyor system and plant layout.

regenerative copper ore transportation system
18.1 km Overland Conveyor Middle East

This $20M conveyor is designed to transport 800 mtph of Potash mined in the Dead Sea basin 380 m below sea level over 18.1 km of arduous rocky semi-desert terrain to a rail loading terminal, elevating 770 metres between loading and discharge.

Commissioned in 1984 the conveyor carries around 3 million tonnes of potash per year and forms a critical link in the production and export of potash.

The route design included 11 horizontal curves, 10 gantry bridges and a continuously undulating profile.

Two 2000 kW AC synchronous main drive motors were selected to drive the conveyor at any speed up to 4.6 m/s.

overland conveyor
4.2 Km Regenerative Conveyor South America

Situated near the Colombian border close to the Orinoco river this conveyor transports primary crushed Bauxite at 1600 mtph from the open cast mine down a steep escarpment to a stockpile storage and rail loading area.

The route was extensively curved and included several gantry bridges up to 35m high.

When fully loaded the conveyor can generate up to 1600 kW of electricity through the two 1250 kW main drive motors and controller system back in the supply line, saving a considerable proportion of the mine operator's electrical power costs.

The safety features, braking and control philosophy were a critical feature of the conveyor design.

regenerative conveyor
4 Km Overland Conveyor NSW Australia

Designed to carry coal from the open cast coalmine to the Bayswater power station in the Hunter valley, NSW.

overland conveyor
6.4 km Overland Conveyor North America

This conveyor transports coal at 660 mtph along a steep sided valley and over a 400 metre high saddle between two mountains, negotiating 9 curves and several 18 degree inclines and declines.

The route incorporates 19 trestle type bridges and discharges into a 55 metre high rail-loading silo.

The 1340 kW electric drive is located at the base of the silo.

overland conveyor
Domestic Waste Processing Plant Model

Based upon basic information Tech-A Ltd developed a full-scale three-dimensional layout of a domestic waste-processing and recycling plant.

This project involved the creation of complete 3D layout based upon outline design criteria and the production of an animated presentation.

The final production is being used to demonstrate the complete waste handling process from truck delivery to the output of various recycled products.

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domestic waste processing plant model