Technical Animation:

A picture paints a thousand words....
moving images bring those pictures to life!
  Show your clients what is being offered in a way that impresses and promotes

Explain how your equipment operates without saying a word

Demonstrate the operation and layout of plant and equipment without pages of text and diagrams

Create a model of your proposal to examine and review before the expense of prototype manufacture

Plant Layout!
Check the feasibility, access and effectiveness of plant layouts before the ground is cleared

Show how to dismantle, inspect and reassemble your equipment without the need for lengthy manuals

And More!
  Tech-A Ltd can deliver these capabilities without the expense of in house training and utilising valuable resources


We have put together a small .pdf document highlighting our technical animation services.
You can view the document online by clicking here.

You will need to have a copy of Adobe Acrobat reader, you can get a free version by clicking here.

adobe reader
Alternatively, you can download the document by right clicking on the link and selecting ‘Save Target As…’