Technical Animation Projects:

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Domestic Waste Processing Plant Model
Designed from very basic information we developed a full-scale three-dimensional layout of a domestic waste processing and recycling plant.

This project involved the creation of 3D models based upon outline design criteria and the production of an animated presentation.

The final production is being used to demonstrate the complete waste handling process from truck delivery to the output of various recycled products.
Ore transportation System

A comprehensive 3D model and animation was created to demonstrate the scope and operation of a mining operation in Asia from the trucks full of mined material through to the pumped waste material. This extract from the movie shows the movement of the ore from the crusher to the stockpile.

Based upon survey data the whole site was modelled including offices, processing buildings, conveyors, pipes and access roads. Equipment, buildings and structures were modelled and placed in the exact locations on the site.

Copper Mine Development

This remarkable animation was created to demonstrate the layout of a copper mine and processing plant. This extract from the movie shows the mine development throughout life of the project.

The terrain model was generated from 2D contour maps and survey data. 3D earthworks were transposed onto the basic terrain to show the embankments, excavations and mine development.

Route Flyover

A powerful method of demonstrating the final layout of a project. A flyover or a walk-through can clearly demonstrate many features that diagrams, pictures and descriptive text would have difficulty portraying.

For this project a terrain model with features such as roads, bridges and lakes was produced from raw data supplied by the client. The camera travels the route of a conveyor, which follows 8 km of existing rail track.

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Chute Layout and Function
Prepared from preliminary layout drawings this model and animation was created to demonstrate a transfer chute design and material flow.

When used during a large technical meeting this animation clearly illustrated the proposed transfer chute operation, saving considerable time and effort eliminating the possibility of misunderstanding.

The camera pans around the chute to show the overall layout then the chute sides become semi transparent to reveal the flow of material from one conveyor onto the next.
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Pulley Assembly Animation
Created as part of a design evaluation exercise this pulley assembly animation showing the complexity of one proposal.

The model included chrome bearings (complete with ball race), circlips, bolts, nuts and washers.

The items colours were selected to highlight the various features.